Cyber security Tranning

What is Ethical hacking/Cyber security cource? Defend your web application against hackers Hackploit’s Training Provides classroom training,Protect,detect and ethicaly hack each and every thing over internet to secure them or too find vulnerablities. Ethical Hacking Course Objectives ? Cource given by Ankit Sethi: Ankit Sethi an Ethical Hacker,Cyber security consultant, Pen Tester. He do penetration testing,vulnerability assignment, web application security, information security training. He Has 6 year experience in it field, having a knowledge of Computer Hacking, Cyber Security,Metasploit, Linux, Kali Linux, Backtrack, Wifi Hacking and security,Websites Hacking and security, Networking, Shell Scripting. Etc, He work as a security researcher and hhave keep interset in the field of computeres and upcoming technologies. He has been working on finding security loopholes and patching the same. He has an experience of 6 year in it security industry starting from software, web security, Computer Hacking and the list goes on. His security finding have been recognized by tech gaints like: Google Gmail Microsoft Twitter Bitcoin ( Tripadvicer Invision ( supto ( ivugeoexchangebeta ( infectra General motors and any more